Intercom raises a $35M Series C

4-6 million years ago, the human and chimpanzee lineages began to split. Between then and the early 90s, the chimpanzee race has apparently progressed very little. However the human race, amongst other cool stuff, invented the selfie stick. They also figured out many powerful ways… Read more

Why Cold Calling is Dead

The sales world continues to perpetuate the old-fashioned notion that a good salesperson needs great cold calling skills. Cold calling was prevalent during the pre-Internet era, when consumers couldn’t research alternatives on the web, and the only way to learn about a product was from… Read more

The Only Competitor That Matters

A clichéd piece of advice is to ignore your competitors. It’s universally agreed on, yet ask any founder how their competitors are doing and you’ll see it’s almost universally ignored. They’ll fly through a list of players providing commentary quicker than a sports announcer. The… Read more

How we hire engineers, Part 1: Our screener

Interviews are incredibly expensive, for both parties. Great screeners are vital to ensure that no one is wasting anyone’s time. Here’s how we do them in Intercom. It’s easy to underestimate the true cost of an interview. Your team spends hours preparing, interviewing, summarizing, and… Read more