Why We Built Our Message Editor Twice

Building a sound, intuitive message editor for use everywhere in Intercom proved to be a much more challenging, time-consuming, and expensive task than we ever imagined. I explained how we overcame those hurdles and the importance of this investment at a recent Intercom event, On Product.… Read more

Podcast: Margaret Gould Stewart on product design at scale

Margaret Gould Stewart has more than 15 years experience leading design, research and UX teams at some of the world’s most influential tech brands. Currently Director of Product Design at Facebook, Margaret oversees UX for all of the company’s ad products (mobile alone is a $2.9-billion business). She previously held senior user… Read more

Building a Feature No One Asked For

We recently created a feature in Intercom that none of our customers were asking for – video replies. I explained why at a recent Intercom event about product building. What follows is a lightly edited transcript of my talk, along with some of the presentation slides I… Read more

Tips For Scaling a SaaS Sales Team

Your typical SaaS sales organization contains a group of people whose job is to identify potential customers, and pass them on to more experienced sales people to follow up. Here’s how we improved that structure. In a traditional environment this group is made up of Sales Development… Read more