How to Sunset a Feature

If you’re not making mistakes then you’re not making anything. Some features will be a win from day one, some need a few tweaks, some need a few weeks, but some just Don’t Work Out As Planned. That’s okay. You’re guaranteed to make mistakes with… Read more

Emoji and stickers are just the beginning

Emoji, stickers and much more will spread through all aspects of our digital lives as they support complex human communication needs that have evolved over thousands of years. Emoji and stickers are exploding in popularity My Mum uses emoji. I use emoji. My friends’ teenage sons… Read more

Don’t Be The Last To Know

“Have you ever been the last to know something in your company?” As the CEO of Know Your Company, an employee communication software tool, I’ve asked this question to dozens of business owners, founders, and CEOs. The response is almost always the same… “Yes, I’ve… Read more