Towards better meetings

Meetings can be fantastic or terrible. I’ve experienced some serious pros run meetings, and when they do, everyone feels great afterwards. Everyone feels like progress was made, that things are clearer than before, that there is continued momentum. (This is a note I sent to… Read more

Design is a conversation

It’s often said design is a dialogue between designer and user. We talk to users about what they want and need. We discuss projects with our colleagues to examine problems and uncover solutions. Conversation is such a great way of achieving clarity of thought, even… Read more

The Other Side

Empathy – understanding another person’s condition – is a foundation of research in product development teams. But ironically, in communicating that condition to our colleagues, we often lack empathy for their condition. When I worked as a UX Researcher at Google and it came time… Read more

Podcast: Ethan Kurzweil On Raising Capital

Ethan Kurzweil is a partner with Bessemer Venture Partners, the venerable Silicon Valley firm that led Intercom’s Series B investment round. Bessemer have invested in billion dollar companies such as Pinterest and LinkedIn, while Ethan himself has led investments in Twitch, Twilio and Zirx. Ethan… Read more

Podcast: Mamoon Hamid on raising capital

Mamoon Hamid is one of the leading SaaS early-stage investors working in Silicon Valley today. He’s a partner and co-founder at SocialCapital, Intercom’s lead Series A investor, and an early-stage investor in Box, Yammer, and Slack – all billion dollar companies. Mamoon was recently interviewed… Read more