The end of app stores as we know them

Uber isn’t just killing the taxi industry. Its relentless approach to distribution and scale is also putting a nail in the coffin of app stores. Smart companies like Uber are rewriting the app distribution rulebook. Instead of being a bland icon lost amongst millions of others,… Read more

How to Market the Job-to-be-Done

What job are customers hiring your product for? At Intercom the answer to this question informs our entire go-to-market strategy, from the way we position our products, to the audiences we target and the content we produce. Yes, it’s an approach that runs counterintuitive to… Read more

Product Principles: Read Receipts

When we released our real-time messenger, we tried to push aside the traditional live-chat model, and instead took our cues from modern messaging apps. Our sermon was that businesses talking to customers should feel as natural and familiar as friends talking to each other. But… Read more

Your Onboarding Has a Shelf Life

User onboarding for the first several years of Intercom centered on one action: install a snippet of JavaScript. For our technical user base of developers and small startups, this was simple. While our onboarding process remained largely consistent for quite some time, our user base… Read more

Why You Should Provide VIP Support

Giving every customer an amazing support experience is a challenge. It’s especially true in the early days of a startup, when resources are limited and you’re fighting to get established. Hard decisions about the levels of support customers can expect are unavoidable at this stage,… Read more