Traits of Exceptional Engineers

You don’t design your engineering culture by writing blog posts, or printing posters, it’s shaped by the people you hire and the things they do, and the traits you reward and celebrate. Choose wisely, and deliberately. Know what you value, and why. It’s easy to… Read more

Podcast: Peter Merholz Talks Product Design

Peter Merholz has long been at the forefront of thinking about product design and how the discipline should be practiced. Currently Senior Director of design with Jawbone, he was previously VP of Global Design at Groupon and is a co-founder of design agency Adaptive Path.… Read more

One Size Onboarding Does Not Fit All

When it comes to guiding customers to success, a one-size-fits-all approach just won’t work. Instead, try differentiating your onboarding to help all your customers master your product. Before becoming a Customer Success advocate I spent 12 years as an educator, designing curriculums and making sure… Read more

How to Sunset a Feature

If you’re not making mistakes then you’re not making anything. Some features will be a win from day one, some need a few tweaks, some need a few weeks, but some just Don’t Work Out As Planned. That’s okay. You’re guaranteed to make mistakes with… Read more

Emoji and stickers are just the beginning

Emoji, stickers and much more will spread through all aspects of our digital lives as they support complex human communication needs that have evolved over thousands of years. Emoji and stickers are exploding in popularity My Mum uses emoji. I use emoji. My friends’ teenage sons… Read more