How we hire engineers, Part 1: Our screener

Interviews are incredibly expensive, for both parties. Great screeners are vital to ensure that no one is wasting anyone’s time. Here’s how we do them in Intercom. It’s easy to underestimate the true cost of an interview. Your team spends hours preparing, interviewing, summarizing, and… Read more

Write books worth reading

They say everyone has at least one book in them. That might be true but the problem is getting it out and sharing it with the world. At Intercom we’ve published two books now, Intercom on Product Management and Intercom on Customer Engagement, and in… Read more

Do what matters, not what’s shiny and new

When considering the next improvement in your infrastructure, it’s easy to forget that significant business value can be created by making unglamorous changes that introduce no new technologies or involve potentially hazardous upgrades. It can be more interesting to get sidetracked into building something new… Read more

Podcast: Braden Kowitz talks design and startups

Braden Kowitz is a self-described product designer, prototyper, and storyteller. Currently a Design Partner at Google Ventures, he advises startups on UX design and product development. Before joining Google Ventures, Braden led design for several Google products, including Gmail, Google Apps for Business, Google Spreadsheets,… Read more