The Programming of Everyday Things

Software has become an everyday thing. Our TVs are smart, our thermostats learn our routines and our cars will soon drive themselves. How software is designed has a profound impact on our lives. Less obvious is how the programming languages that create software impact us.… Read more

Design in the age of entanglement

Design is becoming a rich entanglement of different ideas, technologies, trends, cultures and patterns. And this has a profound impact on how product designers approach their work. That was the thesis of a talk I gave in Amsterdam recently as part of the Inside Intercom… Read more

Principles of bot design

Despite plenty of excitement it’s still unclear how conversational UIs can be made to work in a practical sense. But opinionated design principles can help us push past the hype, and design something real people will want to use every day. We’re not lacking for… Read more

There’s no hand off in product design

What makes or breaks a product team? Strong design principles are one. A clear, effective roadmap is another. But one of the most important, yet overlooked, aspects of all great product teams, are the relationships between the designers and engineers on your team. Yet many… Read more

Bots versus humans

Everyone is talking about the rise of chatbots; but are forgetting that humans are pretty good too. In recent months we’ve seen Facebook, Kik and Telegram launch bot platforms on top of their messengers, and everyone and anyone declare our bot filled future. But few… Read more