Making sense of customer feedback

Recently we told you there are some customer opinions you shouldn’t listen to. But after you’ve weeded out the aspirational, the hypothetical and the third party statements, what customer feedback should you listen to? And how do you go about making sense of it? First, it’s… Read more

Why email isn’t going away

Why do we still spend so much time on email? Unloved by users, generation after generation of startups have tried to sound its death knell. But no matter how often it’s death is predicted it just doesn’t go away. Initially hailed for allowing us to communicate… Read more

Customer Size Dictates Your Sales Strategy

Consumer products are sold off the shelf with minimal customization and the same is happening in software. That’s quite a change for someone like me who has spent 15 years selling to enterprise businesses and learning how to work for sales-driven organizations. A common refrain… Read more