Has Visual Design Fallen Flat?

Countless pixels were spilled during The Great UI Flattening of 2013–2014. It was a time of great change in the world of visual design: foreshadowed by Microsoft’s aggressively modernist Metro style, popularized and polarized by the release of iOS 7, and perhaps most fully realized… Read more

Talking User Onboarding With Samuel Hulick

Through his detailed and witty teardowns of the new user flow of popular products like Instagram, Netflix and Snapchat, at useronboard.com, Samuel Hulick has become the go-to authority on onboarding. When I interviewed him recently our conversation covered everything from potential conflicts between product owners… Read more

Meaningful Growth vs Metric Manipulation

What gets measured gets done, no matter the cost. But there is a genuine danger in reducing product onboarding and design to an exercise in metric manipulation. The last decade has brought us hundreds of analytics products. They all gather easy-to-collect data, and then render… Read more