Don’t Be The Last To Know

“Have you ever been the last to know something in your company?” As the CEO of Know Your Company, an employee communication software tool, I’ve asked this question to dozens of business owners, founders, and CEOs. The response is almost always the same… “Yes, I’ve… Read more

Being busy is lazy

Despite popular belief, time is not your obstacle – you are. As an executive assistant for the VP’s at Intercom, one of the things that I have learnt to obsess over and be relentless with is time and how it’s spent. Creating and facilitating other… Read more

SaaS Metrics for Fundraising

Fundraising can be a distracting period for a company. The CEO and the finance/analytics team particularly feel the weight of this burden with multiple demands on their time. As investor requests pile up, the fundraising process can sometimes feel like a never ending series of… Read more

Keeping Intercom up

Our goal for Intercom availability is that each of our public facing endpoints (In-App Messenger, the Intercom web application and public facing APIs) have greater than 99.9% availability – this means being down for no more than 45 minutes a month. This is the second… Read more

Invisible design: why is less more?

The hardest-working designers – and some of their best design decisions – are the ones you don’t even notice. Have you ever been charged down by several tons of wild rhino? I’m guessing the answer is no, so let me share what it’s like. A couple… Read more